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How the online courses work

Each of the modules of an online course follows the same pattern:

The first class is free and freely accessible to everyone so that you can see how the system I use for my online classes works.

In most of the courses there are 12 lectures where the subject is explained using written, graphic and auditory material.
Each lecture is composed of 12 different pages (sometimes more) to clearly explain the content of the lecture.
At the end of each lecture there are questions, in order to evaluate the adquired knowledge.
Among the auditory material there are recordings of the lessons and, in the courses in which it is appropriate, relaxations and meditations to work on what has been explained (chakras, rays, meditation ...) or video recordings of the On-site classes (usually at the end of the class).
In the modules and lessons where its considered necessary, there are files available to download in pdf format, with supplementary graphics and / or interesting documents or books to dig deeper into the subject matter.
At the end of the course, if the student has correctly answered all the evaluation questions, they will be sent a diploma that gives proof of having completed the module.

Online learning Since it's an online course, not On-site, it's structured so that it can be studied comfortably whenever you have the time to read, listen to the lessons, and to answer the evaluation questions.
To aid in the study of the course there is tutoring available through e-mail.
Through email you can ask me any question, provide comments and suggestions.
E-mail tutoring I will answer all the questions asked, evaluate the lessons and make suggestions for the best use of the classes through e-mail.
The tutoring is done by email because it's the most comfortable way for everyone to get in touch.

The price of the course is well adjusted, as you can see, precios y manera de pago, it is done with a single payment right before starting the course, and it gives you the right to access the website with the lectures, it allows for the download of the supplemental material available for the course, plus my e-mail tutoring during 3 months after the start of the course.
For those willing to dig deep into these subjects we have enabled the Violet Seeker subscription program. In addition to having access to courses at substantially lower prices, it grants a wider range of material in the form of books, videos and audios, plus the chance to interact with the teacher through videoconferences.

The courses are structured to be similar to my On-site courses, which are 3 months long, and with some exceptions, one class per week, such as the Astrology course (6 months) or the Soul Counseling training (18 months).
For this reason, video recordings of On-site classes are added where possible, at the end of each class.
For the same reason, it's recommended that you study one class (with all the pages it contains, usually 12) per week and that once finished you send me the answered evaluation questions.
3 month duration
The payment of the course entitles you to all this for the next 3 months or for as long as you subscribe to Violet Seeker.
At the end of this period, or once the Seeker susbcription runs out, the authorization to view the course is automatically rescinded.

One of the advantages of being a Violet Seeker is precisely to maintain the availabily of tutoring on all the courses that you've adquired, as long as the subscription is maintained, regardless of the time passed.

For more information contact Josep Gimbernat