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Integrative Calculation Program for Numerology
Astrology, 7 Esoteric Rays and Chakras

From the collaboration of Josep Gimbernat, in his role as computer programmer and numerologist Martine Coquatrix, the PYTHÁGORAS numerical calculations program was born.

After studying numerology with Martine Coquatrix, Josep Gimbernat realized that with the large number of calculations that must be performed in order to have a complete numerological chart, there is a pretty big chance of making a mistake in some part of these calculations, causing the interpretation to be erroneous in a possibly important part of the chart.

Given his training as a computer scientist he knew the art of the art of creating computer programs that help manage routine and repetitive tasks in any field, Josep Gimbernat undertook the task of capturing all the calculations necessary for a numerological chart in a program that presented, on screen, the final results, the key numbers, the cycles of life and the psychoenergetic study of the human body; and, of course, it also allowed these graphs to be printed on sheets of paper, to improve their management and study.

To carry out these calculations, the PythagorasN program was created, the younger brother of Pythagoras, where you can find all the calculations and graphs necessary to work with Martine Coquatrix's Evolutionary Numerology.
PythagorasN Numerology Calculation Program Screen PythagorasN Numerology Calculation Program Screen PythagorasN Numerology Calculation Program Screen
Also, due to his training in astrology with the Huber Astrological Psychology method, he knew the importance of being able to have access to the data of the esoteric Rays that make up his team in this life. For this reason, the rays that make up the person's energy team, were integrated into the Pythagoras program.

Hence PythagorasR was born, to provide the necessary graph to work with the esoteric rays of our bodies, of our team in this incarnation.

PythagorasR Personal Rays Calculation Program Screen PythagorasC Personal Chakra Calculation Program Screen And later PythagorasC was born, to help calculate the current state of the chakras, at birth and during evolution. These calculations are presented in a clear and visual medium, to help those interested in the investigation of this topic, the science of the Chakras.

Obviously, it is a hassle for researchers or consultants who need to use the three different tools to operate with three separate programs, so it was integrated into a single complete program.

The result is PYTHÁGORAS . A computer program prepared for the Windows OS that integrates Numerology, Rays and Chakras into highly intuitive graphs to improve interpretation.

Since July of 2015 we have added the browser version, if you have purchased this version, you can use your with your username and password to visit and access the online program from any computer, tablet or mobile.
This service will allow you to calculate any numerological and Ray chart (the chakra chart is being developed) without the need to install the PYTHÁGORAS program on any device. And you will have it ready to use from anywhere with an internet connection.

It should also be noted that the Violet Seekers have full access to the complete Pythagoras program in its online version, completely free of charge.

If you still do not have any of the PYTHÁGORAS versions, you can purchase it and download the program's installer file through the internet.

Price of the different versions:

Windows PC version ( not Apple )

Complete (Numerology, Rays and Chakras) 100€

Just Numerology 50€ ~ Just Rays 50€

("20% discount if you are Violet Seeker)

Online version, with any browser, pc, mobile or tablet)

Complete (Numerology and Rays) 24€ / year

Just Numerology 12€ / year ~ Just Rays 12€ / year

(If you were a Violet Seeker, you would have access to the free version)

If you wish to complete the payment you must login with your username and password or create a new account.

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