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Comments and thanks

Students explain their experiences with our courses and services.

I have to say that I love the Phytagoras Numerology program !!!!

It complements Astrology perfectly, a success!!!

Tani Agenjo
I've been practicing numerology for a long time. I took classes with a numerologist, and since then I continued searching for information on all the books I came across, until I found Martine Coquatrix, this framework marked a before and after in the way I see numerology. While investigating, I found your page and your Pythagoras program, and it's a great help in making the necessary calculations quickly and accurately. Your explanations on You Tube, are very clear and show how to handle the program correctly.
I am very grateful to both of you, because you became a part of my learning.

F. B.
Josep's program is really great, it saves a lot of time when calculating. It's very practical to see the results reflected in a graph. I have had the Pythagoras program since its inception and I love it.

Linda Dawn Wheeler
By studying numerology I found a very useful tool that helped me understand many things about my life and the people around me, and it showed me where it's important for me to "focus".
You did a very good follow-up of the course that I took, with corrections, suggestions and the comments, always flexible.
Thank you!

Adriana Goldwasser
I am very happy with the numerology course, since it has been adapted to my needs...

Thanks for everything Josep!!

Laura Villaret
I came across the services and blog of Josep Gimbernat Indirectly.
As a user of the Numerology program, I am grateful for it's design, as it has been very useful for facilitating the services that I provide here in America. Also his blog is very interesting, clear, simple and light-bearing.
A good source of knowledge and inspiration in this times that we're living. Thank you Josep for your contribution to this humanity thirsty for light!

Lilia Gonzalez
It will not be the first time that I have mentioned how grateful I have been to attending your courses. I must argue that you offer with total dedication that desire to share knowledge and that we all engrave both within and in the mind those tools that help us move towards the long-awaited encounter with "our wisest and most divine self" and increasing my emotions when I make special mention of "the meditations" that I confess have given me "very magical" experiences for me..

Dimas Jimenez
I remember that without knowing you, the first time I contacted you, I was very surprised by your accessibility and your speed in answering my questions. . It was very nice to meet someone who was so willing to solve, and who did it, in my opinion, with such an ethical attitude, in these times it is very appreciated.
I am delighted with the information received and what I learn every time I can stop and take a moment to pick up on what I really enjoy.
I have a couple of courses to do with you on topics that interest me and I have no doubt that they will be helpful. Thanks for everything.

Lola Prego
Hi Josep. Another course and another hit. Again, thank you for your style of guiding, the Numerology Course, on this occasion. The dynamics, the concrete examples, the concepts and the touch of humor, make it very easy and enjoyable to follow and understand this tool for personal knowledge. Thank you !

Nora Jofré
With Josep, I have done Numerology, astrology, meditation, personal growth courses, 7 rays, astrological tarot, and in all of them I can highlight his desire, his passion, because they really are subjects that he lives for, that he is passionate about, a tireless teacher, never gets tired of explaining, and time doesn't seem to move for him, which is really what happens when someone loves what he does, he has a lot of patience, can things explain over and over again, the truth is I recommend it because his classes are never wasted, he will not leave you indifferent.

Loli Berrocal
If my experience with Josep can be summed up, I would say that it's been liberating. A few years ago I took your meditation and 7 rays course. I found them very satisfactory, both for the content, the language used and Josep's character. They changed my life, both personally and professionally. They clarified many of my doubts.
Since then, I've incorporated meditation to my day to day.

Yolanda Márquez
I took a numerology course with Josep, and I found it very interesting. The simple way of explaining Numerology makes, he makes it so didactic that his illusion is contagious. I learned a lot, and it is a tool that I use on a personal and professional level.
Thank you Josep for being honest and giving all of your knowledge, and for the patience you showed by answering each of our questions..

It was a pleasure doing the course with you and having a clear vision of Numerology, I want you to know that I recommend your course to many people. Hahaha since now it's very fashionable to give ratings, know that I would give you the maximum rating, that is ***** "five stars".


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