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Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Online School of Wisdom and the services we offer.

Who is Josep Gimbernat?

If you want to know in more detail who Josep Gimbernat is, you can go to his presentation page Who I am or you can also contact and ask him directly Contact me. But honestly, I think that in order to get to know someone, it's better to see them, directly or at least through a video, where you can see how they work, how they speak, and how they move. This will give you a better idea of what kind of a teacher he is. For that purpose you can go to his Youtube Channel where you will find a few of his videos, There are short, few minutes videos, and entire lectures that he has given over the years. I hope this helps you learn about Josep Gimbernat.

Can I trust the online payment method used by the Online School of Wisdom?

Absolutely. It is the secure PayPal payment method, which allows payments whether you already have a PayPal account or only have a credit or debit card. Keep in mind that, although it is also possible to pay by direct transfer, this system is not aviable for students residing outside of Spain.

When I pay for an online course at the Online School of Wisdom, is it like buying it forever? In other words, will I be able to access the course material indefinitely, whenever I want?

No, the payment of the course includes my email tutoring and has a validity period. For most courses (there are longer courses) it is three months from the date of payment. That is, once the payment has been made and the study of the course has begun, you have three months to study freely, send me your evaluations and ask me questions, and I will answer, recommend, suggest or advise through e-mail. At at the end of the term, access permissions will be automatically canceled.

So if it turns out that for any reason I get sick or have a lot of work, if I cannot follow the course in the scheduled time, will I lose my investment, my money? Am I going to be unable to finish the course?

No, Don't worry, the deadline is set, among other reasons, to avoid having to tutor someone who, after paying for three months of my time, studied irregularly and 9 months later still goes by lesson 3, for example. In fact it is a real case, it really happened to me, I spent more than 8 months tutoring someone who always had excuses. This made me decide to put a time limit, adjusted to the lessons of the course. But if a student is learning, studying, hey send me the evaluations,the answers, and shows interest, I will never leave them in the lurch. If you give me a valid reason for why you can't study at that rate, or have to pause for a short time, I will extend the permissions without a problem. No one is left unlearned for my sake, that's for sure.

Can't we do the tutoring by Skype, instead of by email? I prefer talking directly with the teacher, instead of just writing him e-mails.

I understand that talking to the teacher is always more rewarding than writing e-mails, but if these online courses cost much less than On-site courses, it is precisely because they save the teacher's time and allow him to optimize his time more appropriately. I can answer emails at different times and situations, taking advantage of my quieter hours, where I have fewer tasks, which is not possible when tutoring using Skype. And you can even imagine the difficulty of finding suitable times to talk on Skype with students from other countries, due to the time difference. That is why, among other things, we do the tutorings via email. But from time to time, we do hold a live videoconference, to get to know each other better, or to clarify important doubts.

Do you give any kind of additional material with your courses?

Yes, all my courses have the required material to learn and practice the subjects. In some cases the necessary material is simply text, the images that illustrate it, and the audio recordings. But in most cases you can download relaxation music, meditations and visualizations in mp3, graphics, and clarifying documents in PDF or explanatory or in-depth books, also in PDF.

What are the steps to follow after making a payment?

As soon as we receive the payment notice, you will be registered as a user of the online course system and you will be sent a welcome e-mail with your username and password. From that moment you can login to the website, and once you do, you can start studying the acquired course. Feel free to forward any questions or comments you have at the same e-mail address that sent you the password.

I have already studied Astrology (or numerology ...) and I do not know if this Course will help me, I am afraid it may bore me

Well, I very much doubt it will bore you, but it's true that if you've already studied the SAME thing, returning to it will not seem very interesting.
Anyway, ask yourself if you have studied exactly that method of Astrological Psychology (speaking of Astrology) because it is quite different from other traditional classical methods. Or if you have studied the Evolutionary Numerology of Martine Coquatrix, because that is the method that I am going to teach you and if, for example, you have studied Tantric Numerology, I assure you that you are not going to get bored at all, the systems are completely different...
Even so, if you still have doubts, ask me anything you need before making any payments, in order to find out what you can learn, and how; That's what this page is for Contact me.

For more information contact Josep Gimbernat