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Introductory course to
Tarot ARC


What is the Tarot

Josep Gimbernat's Tarot ARC chart of the first chakra, the Union Chakra
  • Brief history of the Tarot
  • Different types of Tarot
    • Marsella's Tarot
    • Derived Tarots
    • Astrological Tarot
  • Josep Gimbernat's Tarot ARC
    • The 11 Planets
    • The 12 Signs
    • The 12 Houses
    • The 7 Aspects
    • the 7 Rays
    • The 12 Chakras
  • Interpretation fundamentals
    • Knowledge of symbolisms
    • Intuition
    • Inspiration/li>
  • Interpretation practices
    • Types of spreads: short, medium, complete
    • Practice among the students

You can view the first class of the course free and without compromise to see if you like it.

Course pricing: 90€
(50% discount if you are a violet seeker)

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